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06 Mar 2018


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 05 Jun 2013

Mail clients and certain instant messengers display desktop notifications when you receive new email messages. If you wish to be notified of incoming messages, without using a mail client or instant messenger, you should try Howard E-Mail Notifier. It displays notifications for received messages and it gives you instant access to your Outlook, Hotmail or Live mailbox.

The application is free and it can be installed fast, without any kind of difficulties. It works on all popular Windows platforms and you can use it with Outlook, Hotmail and Live accounts, as previously suggested. You don't have to meet any special requirements, like additional tools, services or drivers.

One of Howard E-Mail Notifier's advantages is the fact that you don't have to configure any POP or SMTP servers. You just need to log into your mail account, when you launch the application for the first time. While working quietly in the background, Howard E-Mail Notifier will periodically check your inbox and it will display a balloon notification, next to its system tray icon, even if you are not logged into your account.

A manual check can be performed, by right clicking the application's system tray icon and selecting the appropriate option. Left clicking the icon will bring up your mailbox right away, on your default web browser. Additionally, you can access a general settings menu and make a few configurations, if you wish to change the checking interval or select a different email reader or a different account. Furthermore, you can set the application to check your archive and junk folders as well.


The application displays simple and unobtrusive notifications when you receive new email messages. It automatically checks for new messages, according to your own preferences. You don't have to make any complex settings. It is sufficient to launch the application and log into your mail account.


Howard E-Mail Notifier is limited to Outlook, Hotmail and Live accounts. Thanks to Howard E-Mail Notifier's simplicity and efficiency, you can receive new mail notifications, without using a complex mail client.

Howard E-Mail Notifier


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